Hotel Surveillance

The best job in the world? Being a receptionist at a hotel where there are surveillance cameras in each room and being able to watch what goes on. Certainly the best job in the world for all voyeurs. And when you’ve get two sexy guys like Rocco Read and Johnny Ryder turn up and rent a room for just one night, you know exactly what your TV viewing is going to be. Our receptionist here is clearly flustered when they arrive, he can’t take his eyes of Rocco, and who can blame him? He’s sexy, manly and yet still has a kind of boy-next-door look about him. He’s also muscled, cut and very long, but we won’t see that until a little later when he gets his suit off.

Both our studs arrive at the hotel in suits because this scene comes from The Gay Office where all the workers are suited and booted and looking like top executives; or Sex-ecutives if you like. Rocco and Johnny waste no time once they’ve got their room key, they are kissing and groping before they’ve even got the door open. They pour into the room, all over each other while downstairs the horny receptionist tunes in to the right channel and watches on his monitor. Shirts get undone, smooth, toned chests come into view, as do large bulges in the front of suit pants. Ties get twisted and pulled about, belts are fumbled open and Rocco gets Johnny’s cock out and into his mouth as Johnny lies back on the bed.

The guys strip down to their underwear, still with the work ties showing, and Johnny gets to play with Rocco’s stiff dick for a while. He teases it with his mouth, licks the shaft, deep throats it, plays with it in his lips before Rocco gets his briefs off and starts paying attention to Johnny’s ass. Here comes the rimming and the fingering as one hunk probes the other’s hard and tight ass, and we get in close to see all the sexy detail. As he’s finger fucking Johnny, Rocco is stroking on his hard cock and getting it ready to invade that ass. And boy does he do that! Doggy style, from underneath, on his back, he takes his bucking buddy every which way hard and fast; the bed rocks dangerously and the neighbours are probably getting no sleep at all.

There are two great explosive climaxes to this scene, another great one from, which ends with a pan around to show the surveillance camera that the receptionist has been watching. We can only imagine the mess behind his counter downstairs…

Rocco Reed Gay Group Sex

You know, The Gay Office is a great site and it usually supplies each of its exclusive hardcore scenes with a bit of a build-up, a run in, a scenario that gives us some erotica before the action starts. That’s one of the things I like about it, and the other sites in the same network. But every now and then you just want to get straight to the sex. And that is exactly what happens in this movie. You start off with hunky Rocco Reed and equally as hunky Tommy Defendi (long standing models for heading off for lunch. There in the canteen they spy younger and cuter newcomer Tyler Morgan. They approach him and without a word being said, grab him and put him on his knees. Cocks are out before you can even say ‘lunch break’ and the action has started.

But that’s fine as we never want to hang around when we’ve got studly Rocco with a hard-on, we want to get straight down to the dirty. Tyler does a good job sucking both cocks, one after the other and, this being The Gay Office, the guys are suited and smart, keeping their office gear on for a long time so we live out the fantasy to the full. Both our dominating studs have nice, long cocks and even Tyler has a pretty impressive piece of meat between his legs. And our top guys sure enjoy getting blown, you can tell that from the sounds that now fill the canteen.

But sucking doesn’t always do the job and our men are hot from some twink ass, luckily Tyler has a lovely twink ass for them to use and they are soon fucking him over the dining table. Still in ties and shirts, though now showing more flesh, they use his tight little ass as their plaything. They sit him on their laps, they hold him around the waste and batter his butt, they let him pull his twink meat from his jockstrap and pleasure himself while they fuck him noisily. And then they give him a full spit-roasting.

Seeing these two hunks who are big and beefy drilling this smooth, slimmer guy is turn on enough, but seeing newbie Tyler being double-ended across the table in his work socks and tie, and then being cum on by Rocco and Tommy is mind blowing and nut busting at the same time. Young Tyler is going to go a long way if he allows his twink ass and body to be used by this; I’d give him a job any day.

Rocco Reed in hardcore gay action with Tyler Morgan

Got an office sex fantasy you’ve always wanted to see lived out? Then you need to apply to work in The Gay Office, or at least call in as a visitor. In this workplace it’s all about suit-sex, and mail-boy banging, assistant ass-play and buggering the boss. love to play on fantasies in their well-constructed and hardcore scenes and the one we’ve got here is no different. It features experienced model Rocco Read who has made nearly 50 movies for this company and who has a huge following, and it sees him teaming up with newcomer Tyler Morgan, a blue-eyed, brown haired versatile bottom.

Being a scene from this top company it features a story, a scenario that places the hot sex in a real life situation, therefore making it all the more horny, though in this case it’s pretty brief. Hunky, tall Rocco is in his private office when there’s a knock on the door and cute, shorter and younger Tyler turns up with some mail. He’s more or less grabbed by the tie and pulled in as the kissing starts. It’s a case of boss lust at first sight I reckon. Tyler, being new and keen to please, is soon on his knees working the boss’ huge cock with his eager lips. But, being the decent boss he is, Rocco makes sure he returns the favour with equality. Well, for a few minutes at least.

Tyler is really into anal, which is good as so is Rocco, and before they’ve even got their shirts and ties off, Tyler is getting his virgin ass plugged by Rocco’s cut seven and a half inches. Rocco gives the mail-boy a good shafting from behind before letting him sit down over his strong manly cock. Tyler, now wearing only his tie and socks, bounces up and down on that cock like a pro, and even manages to jerk his own cock at the same time. All hunky Rocco has to do is lie back and let the junior do all the work.
But, being a junior, Tyler is keep to let go his jizz and jerks himself off messy-style while still riding Rocco’s shaft, tightening his ass as he cums and giving his boss that extra thrill. But the job’s not done yet and there follows several minutes of Rocco using the guy’s ass as his own jerk-off toy, battering that battered hole a long time more until he has no choice but to fist his shaved cock and squirt all over the new guy. I reckon the mail (and male) is brilliantly delivered in this top scene; it’s gunna blow your load.

Rocco Reed Office Party with Liam Magnuson

The big boss, Rocco Reed, is always used to getting exactly what he wants. He relaxes on his luxurious couch as his henchmen, Liam Magnuson bring his latest acquisition in to see him. The cute looking boy in front of him has smooth skin. This young man, Magnuson, is already turned on and partly hard in anticipation oof what Rocco Reed might have in store for him today. Rocco quickly puts him to work on Liam’s cock.

Rocco sucks on his pipe as he watches Magnuson suck Liam, feeling his own growth getting nice and hard during the process. As Rocco pulls his cock out, even typically quiet Colby starts to get turned on. Things start to get steamy as Reed bangs Liam’s ass. Can Mike take everything Liam has to offer? Liam wants to know if Rocco’s goods are the real things.

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Rocco Reed At The Gay Office

Horny teacher fucking Rocco

Rocco Read, muscled, hard-working, tanned country boy, has been called into see his son’s teacher, the Well spoken English teacher Dean Munroe. The boy has behaviour problems in class and Rocco doesn’t take well to being told this. There’s a heated debate, a falling out and clearly neither headstrong guy is going to back down. There really is only one solution to their differences: to get naked and fuck it out.

Right there, alone in the classroom, the parent teacher conference really gets going as teach sucks on dad’s cock to get it nice and hard. Once Rocco is up to his full seven and a half cut inches, Dean can really get some serious sucking done. Rocco thinks that’s just dandy, but he’s got other ideas for how to settle the score with teach. Get his tight-fitting suit pants off him and bend him over that desk. Dean’s soon groaning with pleasure as the country boy plunges his hard cock into that eager hole. Over the desk, on the desk, these two fuck like rabbits, working out their frustrations while Dean works out his hard, uncut cock.

Yes sir, Rocco is teaching that teacher ass a lesson as he drills him in his chair, flips Dean onto his back, fucks him over the desk again, pounding him harder and harder as teacher builds to a noisy orgasm and shoots his load. He’s closely followed by an out of control Rocco who pulls out and delivers his jizz across Dean’s exhausted body. Problem sorted? Looks like it is going to be good report cards only from now on. See more Big Cock At School – Click Here

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Rocco Reed At Big Cock At School

Haze Gay Porn with Rocco Reed

Joey Cooper happens to be caught breaking some of the college’s hazing guidelines. It only seems reasonable that he encounters a little bit of hazing on his own – by mentor Rocco Reed. Joey is bent on the desk and screwed in his juicy hot ass.

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Rocco Reed fucking Phenix Saint

Rocco Reed and Phenix Saint are a handful of heterosexual celebrities prepared to do just about anything in order to nail their unique characters within the play they were enjoying playing the sexy gay couple. Some tips to attempt petting results in much more eventually Phenix is actually bent over and enjoying becoming screwed deeper by Rocco’s hard male cock

Rocco Reed Likes Gay Porn

What’s gone on? What doesn’t broody, moody Tony Paradise want to talk about in the waiting room when he is joined out of the blue by cute and cheeky Rocco Reed? Something’s taken place between them to embarrass Tony and whatever it was, Rocco remembers it fondly… There was a bed on a summer afternoon, the game was on TV, the guys were hot and topless, Rocco had been working on bearded, hunky Tony for a while, slowly persuading him that a blow job is just a blow job. And that day, well, what could be better than getting blown while watching the game?

Rocco’s dreams come true as he is allowed to go to work on hairy Tony’s cut seven inches, swallowing it down just like he always wanted to, and Tony is pretty impressed. He never knew a guy’s mouth could feel like this. Tony is worked up, the clothes come off and the sucking and ball-licking continues across the bed. Rocco even gets his own cock played with by his dream guy before feeling Tony’s hard powerful cock slide into his ass. Tony takes him doggy style making Rocco gasp and groan before flipping him over on the bed.

There’s only so much pounding even Rocco can take, and as his man plunges in deeper and harder it’s like Tony is thrusting the jizz out of him. Splattering his tight, smooth belly is one thing but having his butch mate unload a wad of straight-guy juice on him is more than he dreamed of. But that’s it; it’s over, there’s a game still on and, back in the waiting room, Tony swears that it’s never going to happen between them again. But that cheeky look on Rocco’s face can only mean one thing…

Gay Cop Orgy With Rocco Reed

At the law enforcement Academy stud Liam Magnuson carries a boner due to the fact that Connor Kline and Johnny Ryder are replicating a struggle via gay cam. Instructor Rocco Reed shout Liam outside and indicates they should go around along side each other. Quickly everybody is horny and ready to fuck eachother hard.

Rocco Reed Interracial Gay Porn

It really has been less than twelve months since former straight porn star Rocco Reed first had a role in a hardcore gay sex scenario on MEN.COM. Just after he is getting rammed by huge dicks owned by hot men like Landon Conrad, Topher DiMaggio, Tommy Defendi, Andrew Stark, Jack King and many more. His up-to-date scene, “Rocco’s Fantasy”, is MEN.COM’s most down and dirty scene of the season with Rocco stretching open his hole for four gigantic black dicks such as the epic 13″ massive black cock of Castro Supreme! The jail cell fantasy includes Rocco as the gangbang bottom for a few hard and naughty thugs thrusting their hard-ons like crazy into Rocco’s submissive throat and ass