Big Dicks At School with Johnny Rapid And Rocco Reed

If you have been following the “Seducing The Professor” series from Big Dicks At School, then you already know that this series features a pack of Wolves: gay men who are lean, muscular, attractive, semi-hairy, and sexually aggressive. Part 1 ended with a cliffhanger in which Rocco Reed decided the Wolf pack needed a new leader…

Howl Part 4 opens with Rocco and Johnny Rapid returned from a hot and heavy sex session they just enjoyed in the woods. Logan Moore was with them as a threesome, but he is not around for some odd reason. Rocco confronts the leader, Paddy O’Brian, and lets him know that he is not happy with the way he is leading the pack. Paddy issues a challenge to Rocco, calling on two wolves, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares, for help in showing Rocco who is the rightful boss.

Johnny Rapid and Rocco Reed
This is no ordinary challenge: this is a pack of Wolves, they do not fight, they do not show their claws, howls are few and far between. A challenge to this pack of Wolves involves a lot of sex to see just who dominates the group.

Immediately, Paddy is busy with Gabriel and Jessy, while Rocco and Johnny Rapid get busy in the background. (The camera work is superb throughout these scenes as we go from one group to the other, pull out for long shots so we can see all the action happening at the same time, as we get to witness a lot of close up shots of sweet gay sex.) At first, our two groups are just fondling each other through layers of clothes that tighten as hard-ons begin growing.

Soon Jessy Ares is busy sucking on Paddy’s firm nuts, while the rest of the guys remove their pants. As more and more flesh is exposed, Rocco is pumping Johnny’s mouth, his stiff dick sliding in and out, this is no ordinary blow-job. The sweet sounds of lips meeting cock, mouths rimming assholes, moans, groans, and gasps of pleasure are accompanied by the roar of thunder overhead.

Soon the sound becomes a slap-slap-slap as nuts meet ass as Paddy gets drilled by Jessy. Johnny and Gabriel are busy humping each other, while Rocco is middle man. Rocco gets in on the action and is soon pumping Paddy in his bid to show the leader he (Rocco) has what it takes to be the leader of this pack. Things go from hot to hotter still, and then the pack circles their current leader, Paddy O’Brian, and, one at a time, they release their jizz all over the furry body of their leader. Soaked with cum, Paddy finally lets his own jizz fly everywhere.

The scene ends with a single line of dialogue that just leaves us hanging, a nice shot of the full moon, and Rocco Reed howling. Now, what exactly does that howl mean? Watch more of Johnny Rapid at

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