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Tales Of The John Part 1

I wonder what Andrew Stark has been doing for the past eight months. It’s been that long since we last saw him at and that was in ‘Aaron’s first time’ on Str8 To Gay. Looking at Andrew’s track record with the company, he’s made seven of his 12 movies for Str8 To Gay (the […]

Rocco fucking Brandon Lewis hard

Dishonest villain Brandon Lewis comes running back into the property his sweetheart Mr. Reed booted him out of in high hopes that his past lover is expose to getting back together. Rocco’s worn out heart cannot remain angry and his penis cannot keep on being soft when he’s with Brandon. Rocco is very soon obtaining […]

Dale Cooper fucking Rocco Reed

Rocco is now annoyed that Dale Cooper has been spreading rumous in order to breakup his brand new partnership. When Dale cops to the blueprint, Rocco responds “Why should you? You want to suck my hard cock?” and starts face banging him and ultimately smashing his tight butt hard

Drill My Hole with Rocco Reed and Andrew Stark

Younger year of faculty I planned to have a swimming lecture with my buddy Andrew Stark. I have known Andrew for many years, since the beginning of high school. The very first time we bathed next to each other were great. Naturally, I did not have my contact lenses on so I could not catch […]

Rocco Reed Gay Groupsex at Drill My Hole

Christopher Daniels are pulling in the most by his very first photoshoot with Rocco Reed & Tommy Defendi by tardily turning up the pressure on the models like they are toads in a bath of stewing water. Before too long, Tommy has his mouth full of cock and Christopher are getting slammed by both studly […]

Gay Groupsex With Doctor Rocco Reed

In today’s movie trailer we have: “Gay’s Anatomy”. The entirely exclusive porn stars, Rocco Reed, Marcus Ruhl and Tommy Defendi acts as doctors in this Grey’s Anatomy erotica parody. Tommy Defendi is getting a very special anal handling by his muscle bound co-workers, Marcus Ruhl and Rocco Reed. This episode is really great, it […]

The next gay pornstar

A great new episode from Drill My Hole called “The Next Pornstar With Rocco Reed” with Rocco Reed and Roman. Watch Rocco with his new gay dick getting into Roman tigth juicy asshole. Hopefully soon we will see Reed bottom in another hot gay episode. This page requires Adobe Flash Player Click Here To […]