Hotel Surveillance

The best job in the world? Being a receptionist at a hotel where there are surveillance cameras in each room and being able to watch what goes on. Certainly the best job in the world for all voyeurs. And when you’ve get two sexy guys like Rocco Read and Johnny Ryder turn up and rent a room for just one night, you know exactly what your TV viewing is going to be. Our receptionist here is clearly flustered when they arrive, he can’t take his eyes of Rocco, and who can blame him? He’s sexy, manly and yet still has a kind of boy-next-door look about him. He’s also muscled, cut and very long, but we won’t see that until a little later when he gets his suit off.

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Both our studs arrive at the hotel in suits because this scene comes from The Gay Office where all the workers are suited and booted and looking like top executives; or Sex-ecutives if you like. Rocco and Johnny waste no time once they’ve got their room key, they are kissing and groping before they’ve even got the door open. They pour into the room, all over each other while downstairs the horny receptionist tunes in to the right channel and watches on his monitor. Shirts get undone, smooth, toned chests come into view, as do large bulges in the front of suit pants. Ties get twisted and pulled about, belts are fumbled open and Rocco gets Johnny’s cock out and into his mouth as Johnny lies back on the bed.

The guys strip down to their underwear, still with the work ties showing, and Johnny gets to play with Rocco’s stiff dick for a while. He teases it with his mouth, licks the shaft, deep throats it, plays with it in his lips before Rocco gets his briefs off and starts paying attention to Johnny’s ass. Here comes the rimming and the fingering as one hunk probes the other’s hard and tight ass, and we get in close to see all the sexy detail. As he’s finger fucking Johnny, Rocco is stroking on his hard cock and getting it ready to invade that ass. And boy does he do that! Doggy style, from underneath, on his back, he takes his bucking buddy every which way hard and fast; the bed rocks dangerously and the neighbours are probably getting no sleep at all.

There are two great explosive climaxes to this scene, another great one from, which ends with a pan around to show the surveillance camera that the receptionist has been watching. We can only imagine the mess behind his counter downstairs…

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