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Rocco Reed and Phenix Saint are a handful of heterosexual celebrities prepared to do just about anything in order to nail their unique characters within the play they were enjoying playing the sexy gay couple. Some tips to attempt petting results in much more eventually Phenix is actually bent over and enjoying becoming screwed deeper by Rocco’s hard male cock

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What’s gone on? What doesn’t broody, moody Tony Paradise want to talk about in the waiting room when he is joined out of the blue by cute and cheeky Rocco Reed? Something’s taken place between them to embarrass Tony and whatever it was, Rocco remembers it fondly… There was a bed on a summer afternoon, the game was on TV, the guys were hot and topless, Rocco had been working on bearded, hunky Tony for a while, slowly persuading him that a blow job is just a blow job. And that day, well, what could be better than getting blown while watching the game?

Rocco’s dreams come true as he is allowed to go to work on hairy Tony’s cut seven inches, swallowing it down just like he always wanted to, and Tony is pretty impressed. He never knew a guy’s mouth could feel like this. Tony is worked up, the clothes come off and the sucking and ball-licking continues across the bed. Rocco even gets his own cock played with by his dream guy before feeling Tony’s hard powerful cock slide into his ass. Tony takes him doggy style making Rocco gasp and groan before flipping him over on the bed.

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At the law enforcement Academy stud Liam Magnuson carries a boner due to the fact that Connor Kline and Johnny Ryder are replicating a struggle via gay cam. Instructor Rocco Reed shout Liam outside and indicates they should go around along side each other. Quickly everybody is horny and ready to fuck eachother hard.

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It really has been less than twelve months since former straight porn star Rocco Reed first had a role in a hardcore gay sex scenario on MEN.COM. Just after he is getting rammed by huge dicks owned by hot men like Landon Conrad, Topher DiMaggio, Tommy Defendi, Andrew Stark, Jack King and many more. His up-to-date scene, “Rocco’s Fantasy”, is MEN.COM’s most down and dirty scene of the season with Rocco stretching open his hole for four gigantic black dicks such as the epic 13″ massive black cock of Castro Supreme! The jail cell fantasy includes Rocco as the gangbang bottom for a few hard and naughty thugs thrusting their hard-ons like crazy into Rocco’s submissive throat and ass

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Dishonest villain Brandon Lewis comes running back into the property his sweetheart Mr. Reed booted him out of in high hopes that his past lover is expose to getting back together. Rocco’s worn out heart cannot remain angry and his penis cannot keep on being soft when he’s with Brandon. Rocco is very soon obtaining his cock sucked and smashing Brandon’s bubble butt

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Rocco is now annoyed that Dale Cooper has been spreading rumous in order to breakup his brand new partnership. When Dale cops to the blueprint, Rocco responds “Why should you? You want to suck my hard cock?” and starts face banging him and ultimately smashing his tight butt hard

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What a boring day it has been at the office today. Rocco is on his way home to relax and to get ready to a very speical night. He has a mysterious rendez-vous with office coworker Jake Wilder. The adventure begins out slowly and kinky however ends with an extreme ass drilling. Its all worth it when the day ends like this.

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Younger year of faculty I planned to have a swimming lecture with my buddy Andrew Stark. I have known Andrew for many years, since the beginning of high school. The very first time we bathed next to each other were great. Naturally, I did not have my contact lenses on so I could not catch a glimpse of him that well but oh well. I was still anxious to see him nude. But then. Andrew unintentionally replied to Rocco Reed’s clumsy body language in a bathing room that is famous for gay hookups. Impressed of the resulting butt grab Andrew is fastly persuaded to get off as he finds out Rocco is ready to drill! The scenario has got a gorgeous shocker ending back when Andrew pisses all over Rocco beautiful body.

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Today at the office Lance Luciano should be expecting his unique assistant any time soon now and can not do anything to cover up his fantastic surprise when Rocco Reed presents himself. Being an identical investment employer, he permits Reed to take the preliminary job development move by having him suck that big boss hard dick. Purely for sensible calculate, he sets it in Rocco’s firmly hole and pounds it hard. Great sex at the office today , this is not something that happens every day.