Rocco Reed at Str8 To Gay

Rocco Reed closes the door, strips naked except for his jock strap, and gets on the bed. They take their cocks out but leave the jocks on as they kiss passionately at the same time as they jerk on each other’s hard dicks. Rocco kisses Tony Paradise’s hard dark nipples as he travels slowly down his smooth body kissing every part of his naked young flesh. Tony purrs softly with growing pleasure as Reed takes his balls into his mouth one by one, and then together.

His moaning gets louder as Tony reaches his hard cock, takes it into his mouth and gives him an amazing blow job.
They swap places and Tony sucks on Rocco’s eight inch cock, taking to the back of his throat. Tony brings his knees up and spreads his hairy legs wide open. Tony gets excited when he sees his beautiful young ass. He puts a condom on and gets up on his knees. He looks down and aims his cock directly towards his sensitive asshole. He thrusts forward, piercing his entrance and sliding every inch of his seven inch cock deep into him, forcing Rocco to cry out with animalistic lust. The bed creaks under their weight as Tony bangs his cock relentlessly into him, time and time again, making them both groan and moan.

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