Rocco Reed in hardcore gay action with Tyler Morgan

Got an office sex fantasy you’ve always wanted to see lived out? Then you need to apply to work in The Gay Office, or at least call in as a visitor. In this workplace it’s all about suit-sex, and mail-boy banging, assistant ass-play and buggering the boss. love to play on fantasies in their well-constructed and hardcore scenes and the one we’ve got here is no different. It features experienced model Rocco Read who has made nearly 50 movies for this company and who has a huge following, and it sees him teaming up with newcomer Tyler Morgan, a blue-eyed, brown haired versatile bottom.

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Being a scene from this top company it features a story, a scenario that places the hot sex in a real life situation, therefore making it all the more horny, though in this case it’s pretty brief. Hunky, tall Rocco is in his private office when there’s a knock on the door and cute, shorter and younger Tyler turns up with some mail. He’s more or less grabbed by the tie and pulled in as the kissing starts. It’s a case of boss lust at first sight I reckon. Tyler, being new and keen to please, is soon on his knees working the boss’ huge cock with his eager lips. But, being the decent boss he is, Rocco makes sure he returns the favour with equality. Well, for a few minutes at least.

Tyler is really into anal, which is good as so is Rocco, and before they’ve even got their shirts and ties off, Tyler is getting his virgin ass plugged by Rocco’s cut seven and a half inches. Rocco gives the mail-boy a good shafting from behind before letting him sit down over his strong manly cock. Tyler, now wearing only his tie and socks, bounces up and down on that cock like a pro, and even manages to jerk his own cock at the same time. All hunky Rocco has to do is lie back and let the junior do all the work.
But, being a junior, Tyler is keep to let go his jizz and jerks himself off messy-style while still riding Rocco’s shaft, tightening his ass as he cums and giving his boss that extra thrill. But the job’s not done yet and there follows several minutes of Rocco using the guy’s ass as his own jerk-off toy, battering that battered hole a long time more until he has no choice but to fist his shaved cock and squirt all over the new guy. I reckon the mail (and male) is brilliantly delivered in this top scene; it’s gunna blow your load.

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