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Rocco Reed with Tommy Defendi and Andrew Stark

The tech company are sending up a brand new supporter for Rocco Reed and Andrew Stark and when the stud Tommy Defendi walks in, the boys is gear up to pull their hard cocks out. After investing some dicks in his mouth, the tight ass fucking begins with both Tommy and Andrew taking it deep […]

Rocco Reed Gay Groupsex at Drill My Hole

Christopher Daniels are pulling in the most by his very first photoshoot with Rocco Reed & Tommy Defendi by tardily turning up the pressure on the models like they are toads in a bath of stewing water. Before too long, Tommy has his mouth full of cock and Christopher are getting slammed by both studly […]

Rocco Reed Loses His Gay Porn Virginity

There is breaching news going on within the scenes of Seemingly, sexy straight pornstar Rocco Reed was “caught up with” having gay porn with pornstar Tommy Defendi and if it were not for Trevor Knight’s amazing report and Reed’s unconcerned, give-a-fuck-less mental attitude, we might have actually thought this was news. Cuffed with fancy […]