Tales Of The John Part 1

I wonder what Andrew Stark has been doing for the past eight months. It’s been that long since we last saw him at Men.com and that was in ‘Aaron’s first time’ on Str8 To Gay. Looking at Andrew’s track record with the company, he’s made seven of his 12 movies for Str8 To Gay (the others for Drill My Hole) and maybe his cute but straight looks have something to do with that. He’s a versatile guy, trim and fit, toned and with blue eyes and he’s up for anything it seems, including breaking in a new boy on the team. In this scene, ‘Skater Sex’, he is joined by Rocco Reed, a foxy twink if ever I saw one. Rocco’s making his debut appearance in this movie, so it’s a scene that is going to appeal to everyone who likes to see first timers in their first time action. We know very little about Rocco so far, except he has brown hair and eyes and, like Andrew Stark, a cut cock, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on him as we view his debut performance.

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And the scene, unsurprisingly, starts with the two guys skateboarding and Rocco having an accident. (So far so good on the natural acting front. I’ve seen a lot, lot worse in porn films.) Andrew, being slightly older and more butch, picks the guy up and carries him home to tend to his injured leg. It’s kind of ‘over the threshold’ style carrying as he brings him into the house and starts to examine his leg. Trouble is, Rocco is wearing jeans, and very cute he looks in them too, so Andrew tells him to get them off so he can examine his leg more closely. Yes, we’ve all seen this trick before – and how many of us have fantasised about being in just this situation with someone as cute and fuckable as Reed?

He dies as he’s told, and Andrew helps him undress down to his short and underwear. (He’s a boxers boy.) Andrew Stark turns into a physiotherapist here and helps get the injured knee back into place and starts massaging the other guy’s leg. And, as it turn out, the way to really take the younger (looking) guy’s mind off his bad knee it to… Oh well! If you’re going to pop your cock out, straight lad, and ask for that to be rubbed too… I mean, who is going to argue? And so the sexy start of this scene starts up, with Andrew Stark manhandling Reed’s long, heavy cut cock through the front of his boxer shorts. He grips it tight and starts jerking away for him and then, just to make sure it’s really taking his mind off his bad leg, he gets his hot lips around it and starts blowing the other guy.
Things slowly and erotically move on a pace and the guys start to strip down. Just tops at first, and then Andrew goes completely naked, and his youthful dick is getting harder and longer by the second. He stands closer to Rocco and Rocco gives us, and Andrew, his first on-screen blow job with his own dick standing out hard and proud from his shorts. These eventually come off and lovers of twink sex will love the next section: both guys are smooth and slim and good looking, both hung and hard and both blowing their young hearts out, with Andrew Stark actually having to stretch his lips wide to accommodate all of Reed’s cock.

A little while longer and Andrew is on his back with Rocco rimming his twink ass, and then, after sucking his dick some more and squeezing his balls, getting his mouth around them and really getting Andrew Stark ready for anything, Rocco starts to fuck him. Gently at first and slowly the boys soon find their rhythm, and things get really noisy. Finally both twinks bring themselves off and all thoughts of bad knees are gone forever. A great debut from Rocco Reed, and I am looking forward to seeing him again soon; the sooner the better.

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