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Men.com are just excellent at filming all sorts of hardcore porn, and thanks to them their sites, like ‘Big Dicks At School’, can show you some of the best movies and horniest episodes around. This second episode of ‘Godfather’ stars Rocco Reed and Dean Monroe getting it together in the bath tub. If you remember watching the original The Godfather movie, or any movie to do with the mafia, there always seems to be a lot of ring kissing; well, DMH have their own slant on that, of course. If this is what you like, you won’t be disappointed in this awesome flick. One ring, lots and lots of kissing.
Rocco Reed is sitting naked in the bath tub. His servant comes in, gives him some food, kisses his hand and lets him know that he has a visitor, Dean Monroe. Rocco tells Dean Monroe to come in and starts talking to him about the family. Rocco is the Godfather’s nephew and has been born into money, luxury, and loyalty. He tells Dean Monroe, who is one of the many godchildren of the Godfather, that his uncle is the biggest and best mafia man in America, but his family back home aren’t too happy with the way he is doing things.
He wants Dean Monroe to take a message back to the family, as he is the one he trusts the most. He offers him a great job if he will do this service for him, and as he tells Dean Monroe the message, he stands up naked in the bath tub showing off his youthful young skin, glimmering in the light. He looks like a young God, his body is beautiful and unblemished and his cock and ball sack hang down like a large pendulum on a stopped clock. He strokes the side of Dean Monroe’s face and tells him he wants to see Dean Monroe’s loyalty to him.
‘Now bath your tongue in there,’ he says as he bends over showing Dean Monroe his firm ass and tight, wet crack. Dean Monroe bends and kisses his dripping ring piece. ‘Wait,’ Rocco Reed says, ‘Take your clothes off first.’ And Dean Monroe does what he is told.
Rocco watches Dean Monroe strip his clothes off bit by bit, he watches as his shirt comes off and he sees Dean Monroe’s firm chest and small hard and dark nipples protruding out. He watches as his pants and underwear go down his powerful legs and onto the floor. He sees his naked ass and watches him squeeze his seven inch cock. By the time Dean Monroe gets into the bathtub naked with him Rocco is gripping onto his thick hard cock.

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